About Me

Whilst it is important to gain the results you want, there is nothing worse than hating every minute of your workout. I can tailor a workout that's not only functional but enjoyable as well.

I have a premier diploma in personal training and I am a qualified NLP Practitioner, having been in the fitness industry for over ten years. Using a combination of exercise, nutrition and working on a persons mindset to gain motivation, I have helped many people achieve their goals.

Sarah Harris - Personal Trainer

My training specialities include...

Client Testimonials...

Adam; I finally decided to train with Sarah after running out of excuses not to exercise. I wasn't convinced personal training was for me, however as I started to get fitter and lose weight, I realised Sarah's training was beginning to pay off. With her advice I began eating more healthily and have now lost five and half stone. I actually enjoy training now and I am the fittest I've been in years, I even compete in triathlons now.

Sharon; I was approaching 40 and knew it would be downhill from there if I didn't do something about my lifestyle. My husband said there was a good trainer where he worked out and offered to pay for some sessions... well I wasn't quite sure how to take that! I went along to see Sarah and I'm glad I did, I'm now in my 40th year, thanks to Sarah's nutritional advice and her grilling in the gym, I ran my first 10k race the other week and I've lost a stone and half.
I'm really happy with how my body shape has changed, through weight training. Thanks Sarah!

Linda; Too fat to run, unmotivated, low self esteem, not wanting to go out. That was me at over 16 stone. Tried sorting myself out on my own, which didn't work, someone recommended Sarah to me. Sarah has a multi pronged approach to getting fit, concentrating not only on the physical toning, but also on the mind and diet to create lasting results and a new lease of life.

With Sarah's support I lost 5 stone, this dramatically changed my life and I was able to do the Bristol half marathon at 51 years of age, having never run before I met her. I'm now booked in for the Stroud half marathon and feel great!

David; I was shocked to find out I had high blood pressure and was a stone heavier than I had ever been, something had to be done! Sarah put together a healthy eating plan which I actually enjoyed, and together with her focussed weight training sessions and cardio workouts I watched my body shape change dramatically. I lost over a stone quite quickly and my blood pressure was normal within a few months.

Ruth; Following a 6 stone weight loss sometime ago Sarah has helped me with the final stone, and more importantly for me, the most difficult part, the toning! She encourages me to get full value from my time in the gym with a mixture of CV, weights, fun and hard work. My body shape has changed, my waist, arms and legs are slimmer and more toned. She is worth every penny!

Please contact me to see how I can help you reach your health and fitness goals.